(Bedoune Tarikh, Bedoune Emza)

A film by
Vahid Jalilvand

Color, 2K, 16:9,1:1/85, 5:1, 24 fps, 104 min, 2017, Iran

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The forensic pathologist Dr Nariman has a car accident with a motorcyclist and injures his 8-year-old son. He offers to take the child to a clinic nearby, but the father refuses his help and money. Few days after, in the hospital where he works, Dr Nariman finds out that the little boy has been brought for an autopsy after a suspicious death.
Dr Nariman is facing a dilemma: is he responsible for the child’s death due to the car accident or the child died of food poisoning according to other doctors' diagnosis?


Vahid Jalilvand

Vahid Jalilvand was born in Tehran in 1976. He is a graduate of Tehran University in Theater Directing. Jalilvand started his career as a theater actor and made his stage debut when he was only 15. In 1996, he started working in the Iranian State TV channels as an editor and then as a TV director. Later, he directed two home video series and more than 30 documentaries in social and industrial fields. He has been the director and actor in many television series and plays. “Wednesday, May 9”, his first feature was selected in Venice Film Festival 2015 / Orizzonti where he received the FIPRESCI award.
“No Date, No Signature” is his second feature.


2017 No Date, No Signature Feature
2015 Wednesday, May 9 Feature
2013 12 documentaries from 1998 to 2013 Documentary
2011 A Frozen Heart TV & Home-Video Series
2008 A Different Type, Though TV & Home-Video Series
2008 40 Minutes Without Judgment TV & Home-Video Series
2007 The Star is Out…Say Hello TV & Home-Video Series
2007 Rain In A Different Version TV & Home-Video Series
2006 The Footprint of Rain TV & Home-Video Series
2005 An Eye Made of Love TV & Home-Video Series


1- Venice Int’l Film Festival (30 Aug.- 9 Sept. 2017/Italy) - Orizzonti Winner of the Best Director and Best Actor
2- Vancouver Int’l Film Festival (28 Sep.-13 Oct. 2017/Canada)
3- Filmfest Hamburg (5-14 Oct. 2017/Germany)
4- Busan Int’l Film Festival (12 Oct.-21 Oct. 2017/Korea)
5- Chicago Int’l Film Festival (12-26 Oct. 2017/USA)- New Directors Competition – Winner of Gold Hugo for No Date, No Signature
6- Sao Paulo Int’l Film Festival (19 Oct.-1 Nov. 2017/Brazil)
7- Thessaloniki Int’ F.F.(2-12 Nov.2017/Greece)-Winner of Silver Alexander and FIPRESCI Award
8- Stockholm Int’l Film Festival(8-19 Nov.2017/Sweden)-Winner of Best Screenplay
9- Ljubljana Int’l F.F.(8-19 Nov. 2017/Slovenia)
10- Bratislava Int’l F.F. (9-16 Nov. 2017/ Slovakia)- Winner of the Best Film by FIPRESCI Jury and Best Actor
11- San Diego Asian Film Festival (9-18 Nov. 2017/USA)
12- Sheed Film Festival (10-12 Nov.2017/USA)- Winner of Best Director
13- CineIran Film Festival (17-19 Nov. 2017/Canada)- Winner of Best Actor & Special Jury Prize
14- Singapore Int’l Film Festival (23 Nov.-3Dec. 2017/ Singapore)
15- Asia Pacific screen award (APSA)- (21Nov.-24Nov. 2017/ Australia) Winner of Special Mention Best Performance by an Actor
16- International Film Festival of India, GOA (20- 28 Nov. 2017/India)
17- The Festival on Wheels (1-15 Dec. 2017/Turkey)
18- Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF)14-21 Dec. 2017/India)
19- Dubai International Film Festival (6-16 Dec 2017/The United Arab Emirates)
20- Iranian Film Festival Seoul (15-17Dec,2017/ Korea)
21- Palm Springs International Film Festival (2-15 Jan. 2018/USA)
22- International Film Festival Rotterdam (27Jan.-2 Feb.2018/ The Netherland)
23- Termeh (Maryam Arbabzadeh) (2Feb.2018/USA)
24- Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art (8-11 Feb.2018/USA)
25- Wisconsin Iranian Film Festival Madison, (24 Feb.2018/USA)
26- Glasgow Int’l Film Festival (21 Feb.-4 March.2018/Scotland)
27- Bengaluru Int’l Film Festival (22Feb.-1 March,2018/India)
28- Belgrade Int’l Film Festival (23Feb.-4March.2018/Serbia) Winner of the Jury Prize
29- The South Bay Film Society (7 March,2018/ USA)
30- Febiofest (15-23March.2018/Czech Republic)
31- Green Mountain Film Festival (16-24 March,2018/ USA)
33- Furman Film Series (11 April,2018/USA)
35- Istanbul International Film Festival (6-17 April 2018/Turkey)
36- Minneapolis St.Paul Int’l Film Festival (12-28 April 2018/ USA)
37- Opening Night Iranian Film Series (28 April,2018/USA)
38- Philadelphia Film Society (27-29 April 2018/ USA)
39- UCLA(28April- 19May,2018/ USA)
40- Movies of Delray (7 June, 2018,USA)
41- Washington, DC Int’l Film Festival (19-29 April,2018/ USA)
42- Iranian Film Festival Zurich (24-30 May, 2018/Switzerland)
43- Berkshire International Film Festival(31 May-3 June, 2018,USA)
44- Movies of Lakeworth (8 June, 2018,USA)
45- Transatlantyk Festival (13-20 July 2018/ Poland)
46- Maine International Film Festival (13-22 July 2018/ USA)
47- Film Forum (31 July-1 August, 2018,USA)
48- Pending Cinema Arts Centre (3 August, 2018,USA)
49- Laemmle ROYAL (10 August, 2018,USA)
50- Tallahassee Film Society (17-19 August, 2018,USA)
51- George Eastman Museum (24 August, 2018,USA)
52- Farhang Foundation (8 Sep., 2018,USA)
53- International Film Festival Kinenova Skopje (11-15 October, 2018/Macedonia)
54- Habitat International Film Festival (23 March-1 April,2018/India)
55- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Int’l Film Festival (6-15 April,2018/ Spain) Winner of Best Actor Award & Audience Award
56- Zerkalo Int’l Film Festival (12-17June, 2018/ Russia) Winner of the best director
57- Brussels International Film Festival (20-30 June, 2018/ Belgium) Winner of Grand Prize award
58- Scottsdale International Film Festival (2-11 November, 2018,USA)
59- Stony Brook Film Festival (2 November, 2018,USA)
60- International Film Festival Pacific Meridian (21-27 Sep.2018/ Russia)
61- Representative of Iran for foreign-language films to Oscar 2019


I read a quote from Rolf Dobelli somewhere, “Those who were bold and brave were killed before they could transfer their gene to the next generations. The rest, that is the coward and the considerate, survived. We are their progenies.”
We have made weird images of the cowards in our mind, but they are in fact exactly like us. Perhaps they are even the reprint of our behaviour; the cruel behaviour that we have justified in the name of wisdom. How many times so far our fear and inability to express the simple truth has triggered a big calamity in others’ life?
I don't know what I would do if I was in place of the protagonist doctor, but I remember vividly much simpler moments when I lost to my fears and doubts wisely.
This film might be an elegy on the grave of a man once I dreamt to be.

Vahid Jalilvand